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Cancers, Viruses, Bacteria (not good bacteria) and other bad microbes are anaerobic, that means they cant live in a high oxygen condition (good bacteria love oxygen).
-If they aren't making this shit up, where's the study report?

The body uses oxygen to kill the bad guys and when the body looses the ability to retain a high enough amount of oxygen the anaerobic microbes take over, killing the body if the problem is not addressed and drugs dont/cant address the problem.
In kiddie terms, we're being told that aerobic exercise is bad for us.

The problem begins with dietary deficiency, mainly mineral (Calcium) and that causes the body to start becoming acidic and the more acidic the body becomes the less OXYGEN it can retain and so the body becomes more and more acidic retaining less and less oxygen loosing the ability to kill the bad guys fast enough, the bad guys start winning the battle, take over and kill the body. Its that simple.
More kiddie terms, and pushing Calcium as a "cure all". Sounds like the scam artist Kevin Trudeau has a following.

Diabetics lose blood circulation (Oxygen) to the lower leg/feet, leading to leg amputation because of infection/gangrene (anaerobic microbes) that drugs cant stop

Dead flesh rots. Here's a diabetic foot ulceration:

*Notice it's on the outside of the body were oxygen is present.

2. Coral Calcium (Coral Calcium Supreme Plus by Bob Barefoot is probably the best), which is perfect for our bodies because its from the sea.

Calcium is over hyped because it's cheap and plentiful just like soy and canola . It's not natural to consume coral calcium.

3. Oxygen supplement via H2O2, drinking/ingesting Hydrogen Peroxide (drops in water/juice or in gel form or capsules).
Hydrogen Peroxide: A Warning and a Dangerous Scam

When standing up, pouring water on our heads, all our hair lays flat. We are streamlined in/under water, no other primate.
Only for straight haired people which have damaged dna, and don't chimps have similar hair?

We have a subcutaneous layer of fat (found in aquatic animals), no other primate.
Source? We're also told by similar nuts that we're the only bi-pedal primates.

The article is dangerous nonsense.
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