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Look at the aspects, the moon would not have the volume to affect the tides and so on. Yes it does, how? Gravity would have to be produced, I believe it is. Other aspects, controls the breeding of most of the populations on Earth. (Have you ever heard of the monthly?) The moon is doing things we don't know about. Have you heard of conscience rings around the Earth? The Earth's magnetic field is not creating them. The collective is generated to control humans. I think we would be better off without the moon in this case and they can leave with it at any time. Wouldn't it be nice to have your own individual creative thoughts? You can say what ever but, it is a dog and pony show to keep your mind off what they are doing to you on a daily basis. If the secret space program whistles are telling truths, (Yes they are as they know it on their own level), then the moon is not going anywhere because a unique agreement between races and an uneasy truce is going on so they can conduct experiments. You may better spend your time putting your corrupt politicians on a short leash. Since the governments are after a waste product that is a dangerous radioactive byproduct (H3) the inhabitants are only too willing to have humans drag the crap away.
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