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Originally Posted by yankee451 View Post
Okay, I'll bite. The drills were a sideshow.

What did they accomplish?
  • The drills reinforce the notion that the most of the military was kept in the dark, implying that this was not an operation run from the top-down but a "rogue" element because had our brave military not been purposefully distracted, they could have stopped it.
  • The more important accomplishment was to reinforce the "Plane" meme, else without planes to intercept, why would the drills even be important?
  • The so-called "alternative" media gained credibility with the opposition by reporting the drills and Cheney's suspicious behavior, thereby reinforcing the left/right dynamic, otherwise known as "divide and conquer".
  • The drills gave the controlled truth movement something to crow about, wasting over a decade focusing on a non-issue.

These accomplishments were from the top of my dome, but I'm sure there were more.
I don`t agree with this and think it turns things on their head. Personally I have heard very little crowing about the drills and what looks more like a coverup of them within the truth movement. Just look at the DI forums: hundreds of threads about explosives, no planes, "directed energy" weapons, Israel doing it, Saudi Arabia doing it, the Illuminati doing it, the repitilians doing it, missiles at the Pentagon, flight paths, phone calls and God knows what. There is as far as I know one single thread here about the drills and it`s this one, started by me. And I know I`m not crowing, trying to divide people or showing off, but am trying to point to the one element of 9/11 where you can demonstrate precisely how the attacks were carried out, and not just find endless ways of proving that the official story is a fraud.
And I don`t see how it can be said to reinforce the left right paradigm either. Both sides lied their asses off about 9/11, with a few exceptions like Cynthia McKinney. They all wanted the power the US government grabbed for itself using 9/11 as a pretext. All it does is directly implicate the leaders of all the institutions running drills that day precisely like the attacks we were told came as a total surprise. If we want the guilty we should find and interrogate whoever arranged all these drills.
As for the military I don`t think it was in the dark but that it`s compartmentalized, just like the CIA; FBI and all the rest of these institutions. In one room you have white hats who are naive enough to believe they`re hunting "terrorists" and in the next room you have the people organizing and handling the same "terrorists". The same goes for the army: one officer is criminal and in the know, and hides what he`s doing from the naive Dudley Dooright next to him. This is why the drills are so important: if anybody asks any nosy questions you can say" don`t worry about that, it`s just a drill we`re running, and you don`t have clearance". If the patsies get caught or parts of the mole network gets exposed you can say the same thing: "national security"; "just a drill" and "need to know". If the entire operation gets exposed you can just call off the live components, let the drills resume uneventfully and look for another opportunity later.
Since I know you are interested in precisely what was used to blow up the buildings in NYC you should be interested in these drills too. Digging into the AWACS drills should tell us whether they were used to remote control planes or missiles that day, and we wouldn`t have to spend any more time discussing that. Ignoring the drills is why the truth movement never got these answers.

The truth is no institution is all bad or all good, and in the USA there is a long tradition for compartmentalizing the vilest crimes imaginable inside otherwise legitimate institutions because it provides credible deniability and cover. This is how the US Army administered plague blankets to displaced indians in the 19th century. It wasn`t the entire US Army but a small group organized by private interests for this purpose inside the army. The obvious answer is to decentralize everything to prevent the huge national bureaucracies that are being used for stuff like 9/11. If the USA had 50 small armies instead of one big one it would be very difficult to conduit events like 9/11 through any part of this structure, and the same would be true if you only had state wide police, state wide "intelligence" etc. I guess this is an entirely different subject though....

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