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Originally Posted by yozhik View Post
Shakespeare obviously foresaw this.
After seeing the photos, I have to say it all;
Much Ado About Nothing
... don't let the fuckers take your eyes off the real issues!

"Sorry Kate ... frightfully tough time for the the boys in Westminster at the moment, what, with all this Hillsborough brouhaha ... it's 23 years ago ... wish those damn commoners would let it go ... look me and Gran have had a little chat ... I'm afraid you're going to have to take one up the ass for the team sweetheart ... we've arranged for those holiday snaps to be released ... should take the heat of for a bit ... yes, yes, we'll feign outrage, of course ... privacy and all that ... just need a diversion dear ... you know how it is ... once more into the breach and all that ... you will? ... you're a sport ... it's for the nation of course ..."
"Tits out for the Cause."


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