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Originally Posted by zeta39reticuli View Post
I'll watch it.
If anything, it'll be good entertainment.

EDIT: Yeah, so far, this film is completely bias. I'm only on the first video, and he's looking into the "history" of reptilians. He cites reptile like statues and idols as evidence of reptilians and gives this broad history, but either completely ignores or forgets that most of this is symbolic. Not to mention, the serpent and reptiles in general weren't the only animals to be mystified in ancient times. Anything ranging from a Lion to a rabbit, to friggin' dung beetles might have had some symbolic nature or represented an old God at one point in time.

Much of the time, animals were used as a form of symbolism. IE, Snakes and serpents usually symbolize deceit, resurrection, cunning (Excluding the Dragon, which can be considered a symbol of power), Lion as Leadership, Strength, Courage, Scorpions as Death, etc. Sometimes, their Gods would take the shape of these animals.

I mean, look at the Egyptian Gods. Get them all together and you have yourself a petting zoo.

This is all off the top of my head, and I'm sure I'll have more to say before I finish this video series. Right now, it's kind of irritating how this is advertised as a critical look at reptilians, yet I'm getting the same ol' bullshit.
So the Hopi Indians talking about Reptilian beings living underground and coming up to interact with them is just symbolic of them being deceived by strangers or something?
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