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Originally Posted by freespark View Post
You know this guy is awesome...i love the way he relays the information and you can see that he really cares.

What a great, great guy...a true hero. All of these guys that put themsleves out there are hero's. Thye face ridicule and abuse and they still carry on.

I voted 'yes' in case that wasn't clear.
Another yes voter here I couldn't agree with you more!!

He is a true hero for getting up in front of all those people and speaking openly about this kind of subject, especially if you consider he started doing it in the early 90s, when the largest part of the audience was probably not ready to hear it and declared him insane (many still do now & that was 20 yrs ago) That fact alone is truly heroic in my eyes and i admire him strongly for it.

It's irrelevant to me wether he was 100% accurate about everything he has said in the past (which were after all only 'probabilities' for an ever changing future).

Mainly due to his passion, Alex is so far the only contactee whose message really got through to me. I have no doubt that he really believes in the message he is delivering, and that is why I absolutely believe in him too.
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