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Default The 'use' of Ley lines

Leylines are used to get the largest effects from - not only - crimes. These are seemingly mainly magnetic micropulsation lines, according to K. Piontzik (but I suppose deeply interwoven with the other bio forces). Practical experiments show that orgonite put there has probably the most positive effect. Orgonite IMO is nothing other than a lasting strong mixture resembling M. Gienger's healing stones. And I think orgonite is about harmonic (healthy) ultrasonic waves and infrared. I regard this topic as quantum physical tilt-over effect (harmonic acoustic and optical crystal lattice vibrations [and other self-oscillations] versus anharmonic/irregular lattice vibrations).
Those people who claim 'Ley lines etc. are esoteric fraud' are either deliberate liars, or silly distributors of untruths now (sheeple).
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