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Originally Posted by lagamorph View Post
Outstanding work. You sir are talented. The thread was an interesting read too.

I just started one yesterday based on a sad news story that happened not quite 100 mi from me. I decided on pen and ink as the medium after I dicked around with sanguine crayon for awhile, although I may switch back. Hopefully the final piece will project the forlorness the story made me feel.
There's always interesting folk with great insights to chat to on here.

black ink is great for being expressive. It's very simple and I think it's the best medium to use when you're trying to access that magical quantum realm within... whatever that means, hah!
You can't rub it out so it has to stay on the page. And it's either black or it's white, one thing or the other, on or off. It doesn't demand too much conscious thought so you can slip into that dreamy state more easily. The pen just carries your thoughts and emotions. With paint you have so much going on, mixing, cleaning brushes, squirting tubes etc!
Also be wary of news stories. Some reported events can be very far from reality and are often delivered in ways to manipulate our emotions...
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