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"If I ever got cancer, I know for sure I wouldn't try chemo or any big pharma method. That is a death sentence. All the cures for cancer are natural, and there are many. Synthetic (patentable) compounds will rarely if ever cure cancer(or anything for that matter). Big pharma is corrupted to the max degree... I believe in Naturopathic medicine. There are extreme cases where prescription drugs do wonders. And only in extreme cases would I ever consider using ANY of them."

Re: the above statement, I was told by a nurse who worked on the cancer ward of a big hospital, that most of the drugs used in Chemo are derived from herbs, but in very concentrated doses. I don't think medicine has the best interests of the populous at large. I read on the labels of some of the drugs I was [prescribed that 1 in combination with the other can cause serious liver problems, but the Doctor has no qualms about prescribing them.
I also find it very odd when it comes to painkilling medicine that we are still using drugs extracted from the Opium poppy to relieve the most serious pain, we don't seem to have come very far, or is it by design or simple laziness. American Spirit is one disgusting taste of tobacco, I would not try it again, it's also very strong.
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