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All this is well understood and been going on for at least a hundred years and vaccines are their favorite method of delivery since it by passes all the bodies defense mechanisms, and they can give it to everyone (you don't need to be sic).

I believe the first serious example of this was after the first world war when they force inoculated all returning troops with live spanish flue virus. The troops went to all parts of the globe spreading it world wide, and it killed around 75 million, more than the war itself.

I'm not sure they need help from the ET's on this it's all very simple chemistry, a simple mercury compound in most vaccines to reduce IQ , sodium fluoride in toothpaste to attack the immune system and lower IQ..... prozac type drugs to mess up the mind, bisphenol A in plastics to feminise the males, and the favorite , live viruses in vaccines which give you the thing they say they're protecting you from.

This is not alchemy, but NWO medicine... misleading to call it alchemy
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