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Default Deep Knowledge of Alchemy by TPTB?

Wrote an article that is more speculation and theory, which isn't frequent on my blog compared to actual first hand experiences etc... But I feel it has value...

Full Article:
Deep Knowledge of Alchemy by TPTB?

TPTB = The Powers That Be

My definition of Alchemy may differ from others, so I feel it is necessary to provide my definition as a preface to this article:

Alchemy: The science of substance's effects mainly on biological lifeforms, but not limited to...

In all likelihood the shadow government/cabal knows things about substances and their effects that are not known publicly. For example it is very possible some prescription drugs are deliberately engineered with the knowledge of what they do completely, under the guise of research. And those prescription drugs would have effects that are very dark.

How would they do this you might ask? I doubt many scientists developing prescription drugs for public companies are evil, although that is well possible(perhaps some believe in population control and eugenics). I theorize they mind control scientists to create drugs based on knowledge from dark ETs(Such as Greys or Mantids), who have been studying alchemy for a very long time. I was conveyed by my friendly ET contacts that both sides of the most advanced races know every single chemical compound in existence, and know the effects of every single substance on any body they have witnessed by now. They have achieved complete mastery of science.

How did the cigarette companies decide to put all the chemicals in cigarettes? I think the standard perception would have to be they just guessed with most of the chemicals when putting those 4,000+ chemicals in cigarettes. Was it more calculated? I'm not sure I'll ever know conclusively, but it is possible given the knowledge dark ETs have of subversive chemicals etc, that they are a very deliberate concoction. If you must do something as horribly destructive and unhealthy as smoking cigarettes(I unfortunately am hopelessly addicted to them personally), I highly recommend American Spirit cigarettes. They have no additives... There is no such thing as a healthy cigarette, but I cringe when I see someone I care about smoking something like Marlboro Reds with something like 70 different cancer causing chemicals in the cigs and who knows what else they do(ETs do)..

List of Chemicals in Cigarettes

"Those aren't the side-effects, mate, those are the EFFECTS!" -David Icke

If I ever got cancer, I know for sure I wouldn't try chemo or any big pharma method. That is a death sentence. All the cures for cancer are natural, and there are many. Synthetic (patentable) compounds will rarely if ever cure cancer(or anything for that matter). Big pharma is corrupted to the max degree... I believe in Naturopathic medicine. There are extreme cases where prescription drugs do wonders. And only in extreme cases would I ever consider using ANY of them.

"You can't treat symptoms and solve a problem. That's not how problem solving works. You have to get to what caused the problem."
-Mark Passio

If we spent half the money used for big pharma profits on natural cure studies, we'd have half the ailments known to mankind cured... But society is not set up for the common good. And this is an essential problem to fix for humanity. How can it be fixed? I don't have the solution for that other than creating awareness of the issues. Which is what I do with this blog in ways...
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