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I live in Finland in an apartment building. We got notified a month ago, that a Smart meter will be installed in every apartment on a given day. The leaflet said, that they will come in with a master key.

I e-mailed the company and informed them, that due to my epilepsy and me living alone it is a too big risk and politely refused to have the Smart meter installed.

On the day they were installing the meters I stayed home and put the safety chain on. They left a note, that they didn't get in and asked me to e-mail or call the company - which I had already done the night before.

They never e-mailed back, nor did they try to come inside my apartment after that.

What angered most was the wording in the leaflet. Nowhere did it read that one has an option to refuse it. Seriously, they didn't even e-mail me back, nor did they try to get into my apartment later on.

Please refuse before the meter is installed.
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