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Outlaw King

A netflix movie covering the orthodox version of the robert the bruce story. This movie picks up where 'braveheart' left off.

There has obviously been thought gone into using medieval backdrops and in the costumes and there are nice touches like the gaelic working song sung by the women on the beach but the movie is pretty cliched and by the numbers without any really hard hitting impact

I think this directors film 'hell or high water' was a much better film

There was no mention of the templars in this movie who helped refinance bruces ailing crusade and who may have helped him win the battle of bannockburn

It does however cover the slaying of bruces rival comyn to the throne in greyfriars kirk but it suggests the reason the bruce stabbed comyn was because comyn was about the shop him to edward I

What i believe happened is that bruce went there with the express desire to murder his rival so he lured him to that holy ground under a banner or truce before then removing the person who would present the biggest challenge to his claim to the throne

Bruce was the templars guy and a series of deaths led to his rise to power. First of all king alexander III died falling off a cliff (i believe he was thrown off) then his replacement the maid of norway died aged 7 on orkney as she travelled back to scotland (i believe she was poisoned) then there was the murder of comyn

There is no way they can dress up the murder of comyn as anything other than a cold blooded murder so instead they twist it to make it look as if he pressured robert into the act when in reality comyn was a committed fighter for the cause of scottish autonomy (under fuedal baronship)

Still better than most movie fare but don't take it as gospel
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