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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
I woke up alright. There is no evidence for Santa Your patronising tone is just slightly misplaced. You are the one who needs to look at the evidence. Perhaps you gullibly accept alternatives to "mainstream" just because they are alternatives.
Meh^∞. To be honest, it doesn't mean that much to me - but I can see it means a lot to you.

You stick to your dogma, beliefs and conditioning, and I'll take the high ground and stick to the truth... namely we don't know if they went to the moon, and probably will never know.

Normally I like taunting and mocking people with strong opinions and beliefs (religion, politics, santa claus, jesus, tooth fairy, moon landing etc), but I see no sport in mocking you, in fact I feel a bit sorry for you. Your views are self-mocking anyway.
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