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Originally Posted by antipodean View Post
I've watched them both nothing she says stands up to scrutiny, she comes across as a bit of a phantasist.
In fact I found it difficult not to laugh at a lot of it.
It's nadir in terms of being taken seriously is at 26 minutes of part 2.
"Richie Benaud attends a blood sacrifice in Bathurst, where he uses a ceremonial dagger to cut out the baby from a pregnant woman. Then Kim Beasley & Bruce Spence decapitate children then every one has an orgy ".
I don't really mind disagreeing.

To me it sounds convincing, basically because I think that Fiona couldn't "fake" what she tells on-site about the Satanic rituals. I even believe the part about cutting up the pregnant woman, aborting the baby, drinking the blood and orgy afterwards.
It's certainly possible that her memory got mixed up, and possibly she has claimed some things that didn't happen.

I know what she says is very light on "evidence" so can imagine your skepticism...

Originally Posted by antipodean View Post
The lengths that the CIA et al had to go to in order to dismiss Whitlam, when all they had to do was blackmail him over his peadophilia activities tells me it's bull shit.
The story on Whitlam is interesting, but I find it hard to believe that years later Fiona Barnett is pushed into the spotlight to discredit former Australian PM Whitlam.
In general politicians are pathological liars, and I don't believe that Whitlam was some kind of whistleblower.

There are more stories on paedophile politicians in Australia though (this makes Fiona Barnett's story more convincing)...
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