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Default Does Icke Believe Archons are Reptilians or that Reptilians ?

After listening to some Icke talks, I'm still a little unclear on something. It "seems" like he believes Archons and Reptilians are one and the same, that Archons simply take that physical form frequently. However, I may be missing something from his conclusions due to not having read enough yet on this particular issue.

From my own independent research over the years, Reptilians would appear (to me at least) to be biological entities who happen to also be inter-dimensional . I can imagine that Archons work through them, but they seem like a separate species . Here are some reasons that make me question things :

1. There is good cause to pause and consider reptilians may be ultra -terrestrials, having evolved from whatever dinosaurs may have survived millions of years ago. In the vast spans of time we are talking of since the cataclysm that wiped out the dinosaurs, once they evolved enough they could have gone into space and developed beyond our comprehension, but remaining attached to earth and using it as some sort of "base".

2. Many ancient legends talk of a reptilian race living underground. "Smoke and fire" beings like the djinn/archons would surely not live on a physical planet, on a physical plane, underground. Only some kind of biological entity would opt for this living arrangement

3. Many ancient accounts attribute reptilian characteristics to the "creator gods". There is even a case for the Annunaki having reptilian features . Many of these same accounts describe how these ancient beings physically mated with "humans" and it resulted in a hybrid species. There are "some" mentions in accounts from across the world about how early homo sapiens/hybrids had reptilian looks about them. For example, some ancient Jewish lore describes the early prototypes, Adam and Eve, having scaly skin and not needing to wear clothes. The Archons/djinn, while clearly able to take on physical form, are not , at their fundamental level, biological beings as far as I understand their make-up. And certainly the oldest accounts of them do not seem to conclude this. Only a species that is biological could achieve the kinds of things mentioned in ancient texts. That seems to me a logical conclusion at any rate.

4. Icke and others talk of how the archons cannot "appear" here for extended periods of time. To my knowledge, no researcher has ventured forth any evidence as to just how long they CAN maintain physical form. Is it hours ? days ? Weeks ?
Bearing this in mind, and moving onto whistle-blower evidence about some stuff that goes on at DUMB's, we here how there are reptilians working in at least some of these, and that they have their own quarters. "Quarters" suggests beds and so on. Do "smoke and fire " beings need to sleep ?!! And wouldn't it be incredibly impractical to try and work down there if they phase in and out all the time ? Why have these same whistle-blowers never (to my knowledge - correct me if I am wrong)- talked about the reptilians only being able to be "present" in the DUMB's for short periods. You'd expect tales of how these beings often "vanish" as they cannot maintain physical form for long periods. How they have to be frequently "replaced" by new reptilians as and when existing workers have to "phase out" for periods .

5. There are also tales of reptilians liking to drink human blood or eat a certain part of the brain . Would Archons, being "smoke and fire" , regularly conduct such a physical type of act ? The ancient lore talks of them feeding of ENERGIES, not actual body parts/juices. Seems more logical to me that the reptilians engage in these disgusting physical acts , then the archons feed off the energies these produce from the victims and within the reptilians, as the archons are able to attach to the reptilians like they do to us.

6. Ancient knowledge about Djinn/archons does not specifically mention that these beings have a habit of "posing" as reptilians. We are told they can shape shift, yes, but the legends about actual reptilians appears to be discussing an altogether different species who seem biological in nature, not "smoke and fire"/etheric. You have the tales about reptilian "gods", but then separately you have the tales about archons/djinn/"demons". It's only in our modern era that some people have decided that reptilians are archons , rather than some separate species.

For me at least, the reptilians, while having some similarities to archons/djinn are NOT actually archons/djinn. But I am unclear about if Icke views this the same way, and I'd like to know.

There feels to be certain pieces of the jigsaw that don't "quite" fit together enough for there to be a rock solid case for Archons and reptilians being one and the same. I can certainly accept there is some type of connection /influence going on between Archons and Reptilians, but only in so far as it is perhaps similar to how the archons influence US.
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