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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
Exactly! - you don't know, Tha fact is the number of children reported missing is in fact a miniscule fraction of those actually missing, and has no relation to that number whatsoever.
You cannot "look up" statistics that do not exist.

The destruction of Bryn Alyn Community Files

The Waterhouse Inquiry were unable to examine all the records of Bryn Alyn Community Holdings Ltd relating to children and potential witnesses due to an unfortunate fire. The fire occurred at the Pickfords Secure warehouse based at Hoole, Chester during the Inquiry was underway. This meant that files relating to potential witnesses - the children who had been resident as the Bryn Alyn homes were now gone along with care records.

"An additional problem has been the absence of any Community records of most of their residents because we were told in the course of our preliminary hearing that these records were destroyed in a fire that occurred on 25 October 1996 at a Pickfords storage depot in Hoole, near Chester. The result has been that the Tribunal's ability to trace former Community residents from outside North Wales has been limited."[31]
You claim that the num
ber of children reported missing is "a miniscule fraction of those actually missing". Since the accepted figure of those reported is around 100,000 per year then you are saying that the actul figure is in the milllions.

You castigate me for looking at official figures but just where are you getting your figures from? Recent figures say that there are over 11 million children under 18 in the UK and you are saying that several million of them are now missing?

I have already said that I know little about Bryn Alyn so there is no point discussing it with me.

Too many people are pretending that "reported missing" is the same as "going missing" - it isn't and these people know it but they still do for the shock factor.

I am not trying to diminish the seriousness of any of this but I get annoyed when people start throwing these huge figures around without any indication of where the figures came from and how valid they are.
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