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Originally Posted by the tealady View Post
In regard to the comment about attention flowing where energy flows, David more than balances the conspiracy material with the need for infinite love, non-violent response and the last part of his presentations deal with positive solutions.
why bother with the conspiracy theory and just just go for infinite love if everything else is an illusion why give it your attention.

With infinite love you can trancsend all the things David puts forward, the conspiracy information will never end, the rabbit hole is infinite as it's expressions go beyond just this planet, solar system, galaxy and dimension. You can not possibly know it all, better of going in the other direction of infinite love than battling with the ever moving shadow of fear a suspicion based conspiracy knowledge.

Then you work with the flow of the universe and it's natural laws.

Investigate the physiological effects of negative fear and suspicion based info and it's effect on you hoilistacly. Then investigate the opposite of this and choose which path to take.

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