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Originally Posted by tink123 View Post
I wonder???..If they find these people..the ones who do the shootings etc...and weeks months before hand...give them their new drugs and test them out on them to see how effective they controlling them one clearly cares or investigates properly the lives of the people who do it?....they are just instantly labelled and we all fall for it....but I am starting to wonder...if there isn't more to what this...on the gunmans side...society is so quick to its a terrible crime...but in our emotional state we forget to find out the real truth and ask why he did it...why then?..why that moment in time on that day???. who was that bloke..mixing with weeks and months before hand???..dunno that video makes me question all of it now...because its all perfect timing for Obhama to look good and bring in the next set of laws he wants...thats how I see it x
And I can't help agreeing with you.

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