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Arrow Point B

The Chase ..
"27 banks in 3 years. In and out in 90 seconds. Nobody ever gets shot. We're talking solid professionals"...Running time 123 minutes...

July 27 – An oil spill begins fouling beaches in Olympic National Park..A lot of the other surfers think that the 50 year storm is legend, but Bodhi swears that it isn't. He plans to be there..

Lyndon Baines Johnson (August 27, 1908 – January 22, 1973), often referred to as LBJ, was the 36th President of the United States (1963–1969), a position he assumed after his service as the 37th Vice President (1961–1963)..

September 27 – President Bush announces unilateral reductions in short-range nuclear weapons and calls off 24-hour alerts for long-range bombers. The Soviet Union responds with similar unilateral reductions on October 5.."nuked in the 4th quarter, got my knee folded back about 90 degrees the wrong way".. you know that we've hit 30 banks in 3 years and they weren't able to touch us, and all this does is raise the stakes of the game..Life sure has a sick sense of humour, doesn't it?..

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