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Originally Posted by dunadan View Post

Also the words 'Military' and 'Intelligence' dont seem to go well together either

So.....his dad was a Cop and he is/was military, so both of those professions (controllers/working for TPTB) dont smack of freemasonry/control do they? FFS! No wonder the poor guy cant see the wood for the trees!
Hi Dun

I have been looking into National Insurance Numbers you know anything about them numerology speaking..

People born and resident in the UK are assigned an NI number shortly before their 16th birthday..In Great Britain, expired NI cards were sorted into one hundred separate groups corresponding to the final two numbers of the NI number and were posted to the individual insured person's NI account (the RF1) by the corresponding one hundred ledger sections at the Records Branch of the Central Office of the Ministry of Labour and its successors - the Ministry of National Insurance (from 1945), Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance (1953), the Department of Health and Social Security (1968), Department of Social Security (1988) and Department of Work and Pensions (since 2001)..Within each of the 100 sections, NI numbers were allocated among 16 splits with one clerk administering each split.. In the case of a woman born on 31 December 1958, for example, the temporary NI number would have been TN 31 12 58 F..the NI number is the only system which provides almost every adult in the country with a code number...
Have you ever added / multiplied / subtrated etc yours ..What about the first 2 letters ..
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