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Part 12
Facebook co-founder CHRIS HUGHES advocated a modified UBI aimed at poorer workers, and funded by the rich and/or a carbon tax. See his 2018 book "Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn", which was recommended by BILL GATES (Microsoft co-founder) and Arianna Huffington.

The Fabian Society in 2017 were sitting on the fence over UBI, e.g. a 2017 report on UBI by the Fabians for the TUC (Trades Union Congress) highlighted pros and cons, so recommended that both sides of the argument need to collaborate to find a solution, e.g. a learning allowance as part of a modified UBI.

UBI leading light Guy Standing participated in a debate on UBI in 2016 for the BBC's weekly podcast "Newshour Extra" (episode "Money For Nothing?"), hosted by the LSE and Oxford educated journalist OWEN BENNETT-JONES, whose brother PETER was a longtime chairman of COMIC RELIEF (Richard Curtis). Also in the debate was the ex-BBC Business Correspondent and BBC Radio presenter LINDA YUEH, who then was more critical of UBI, but in the meantime has become a bit more enthusiastic, as evidenced in 2018 on BBC Radio 3 when she gave a "Free Thinking Lecture" (9th March), saying that UBI should be considered if machines dominated the workplace.

Linda Yueh – LSE researcher; Oxford University economics lecturer and fellow; LBS (London Business School) economics professor; a trustee of the poverty charity, the COUTTS FOUNDATION (an offshoot of Coutts Bank). The Coutts Foundation chairman (also the Bank's chairman) in 2018 was Lord WILLIAM WALDEGRAVE, who worked under VICTOR ROTHSCHILD in PM Ted Heath's CPRS. Waldegrave was briefly engaged to Victor Rothschild's daughter VICTORIA.

Yueh sat on the advisory board of the banking/economic think tank, OMFIF, whose advisory board was chaired by the LSE Professor and LABOUR PARTY chairman Lord MEGHNAD DESAI, Director of the LSE Centre For the Study of Global Governance.

Other OMFIF members included: the ex-RIIA (Chatham House) Chairman CHRISTOPHER TUGENDHAT; the ex-senior British politician Lord DAVID OWEN; the ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer NORMAN LAMONT; the ex-advisor to PM Tony Blair Lord, ANDREW ADONIS; the British politician Baron ROBERT SKIDELSKY. Part 13 below.
Part 13 below.

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