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Part 10

Reid Hoffman and Erik Brynjolfsson (see above) endorsed the pro-UBI book "WTF? What's The Future And Why It's Up To Us" (2017) by the 'oracle of Silicon Valley' TIM O'REILLY, who is credited with popularising the Internet terms "OPEN SOURCE" and "WEB 2.0". Tim O'Reilly started the annual Web 2.0 Summit to discuss the World Wide Web, but it ended in 2011. A list of speakers at those summits reads like a 'who’s who' of IT leading lights and business leaders: Mark Zuckerberg, TIM BERNERS-LEE (World Wide Web creator), Reid Hoffman, ERIC SCHMIDT (GOOGLE Executive chairman), JEFF BEZOS (AMAZON founder), Al Gore, SHERYL SANDBERG ( FACEBOOK COO), Arianna Huffington (an ally of Sandberg), MARC BENIOFF (pro-UBI and SALESFORCE founder), Stewart Butterfield.

O'Reilly married JENNIFER PAHLKA, who helped kickstart the US Government's US DIGITAL SERVICE. She and O'Reilly were amongst the co-founders of CODE FOR AMERICA, whose financial donors have included Google, Microsoft, Reid Hoffman, the Ford Foundation, OMIDYAR NETWORK. The Omidyar Network was started by EBay founder PIERRE OMIDYAR, who is pro-UBI and sponsored a UBI experiment in Kenya, Africa. Part 11 below.
Part 11 below
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