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Green Paper and the ESA Support Group
Those deemed unable to undertake work or work-related activities
? 1.5 million out of the 2.4 million ESA recipients
Key role for Jobcentre work coaches
? greater discretion to engage them in work-related activity in a way
tailored to individual
Raises possibility of applying (the threat of) sanctions to this group
? as with other out-of-work benefit recipients
Incapacity and disability benefit policy © Institute for Fiscal Studies
Green Paper challenges
Support Group engagement would require much more resource
? SG 1.5m, compared to 0.4m on ESA WRAG and 0.5m on JSA
Can increased discretion be
? successfully tailored to multiple, complex & fluctuating conditions?
? consistent and fair?
Would sanctioning be appropriate for any of those currently deemed
unable to do work-related activities?
? might other mechanisms work better: for example presumption?
Incapacity and disability benefit policy © Institute for Fiscal Studies
Incapacity benefits
? spending forecast to reach its lowest level for nearly forty years
? increasingly go to those with low education, and less to older men
? mental & behavioural disorders the principal cause in half of ESA claims
Halving the disability employment gap unlikely to happen
? requires reducing non-employment among disabled by a third
? 54% of those disabled and not in paid work have low levels of education
Green Paper proposal for increased discretion for work coaches, and
greater engagement with the ESA Support Group, could help
? but would require significant resources and risky
? strong case for trialling and thoroughly evaluating different approaches
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