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Originally Posted by derekbuttery View Post
ok. just imagine I agree with your point here. is this francisco manoel any relation to king arthur II?
I would say no, nor would that be relevant.

seriously, how far has he traced his ancestral background? before supporting someone such as this guy, could I suggest you read / watch blackett and wilson (richplanet's series of interviews with them is a good place to start - a little boring to begin with, but they offer great insight into the true ascension to the british throne, and it's not a german one either)
I'm not very familiar with it, but I don't consider the Matt Taylor information to be verifiable. But I have been to Kentucky and can say that it is very unlikely it was Camelot or that white people went there in the first millennium.

However, I do think I saw Excalibur in the British Museum along with some great tarts.

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