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Originally Posted by tildatod View Post
I hate to say it, or to be such a wet blanket, but Theresa May is another psychopath in power. This is how they roll, to use a cliche. Whenever anything happens, they fall over themselves to launch the mother of all inquiries. What happened with any Iraq inquiry? What happened with the hacking/Millie Dowler inquiries? What exactly happens with these big inquiries? They drag on for years, so long in fact that by the time anything of any value is found, everyone's moved on to the new celebrity craze, a new meat scandal, a new diet, unemployment, higher prices and all the usual shite.

By "promising" to fix things, they never need to, or even intend to. All that is important is that they say the right things. It's all about public relations. It's all about lies, upon lies, upon lies.

Let's be real here - WHO is going to tie the bell around the elite's necks? ONLY the public can do so, en masse. The police - inundated with freemasons, paedos, perverts, aggressive thugs, liars and wimps. The legal system....sigh. I don't know quite where to begin with that one. The media...oh dear, that's a dead end.

ONLY if the public can keep their eye on the ball, and keep a tab of all that is happening, at least on this one issue, will anything change. I tell you, when people start going to Westminster with pitchforks and use them on a few of our reigning paedos, then something might happen. Until them, it's a clever show. Is Tony Bliar hanging for his crimes? Have the royals been investigated? Andrew likes mingling with convicted paedos. Charles was very close to Savile the paedo monster. Have the top political brass currently troughing away been investigated?

Maybe it will happen, but I believe that it will only happen if people CHOOSE to keep a steady hold of events, and realise that all children are living toys for these monsters who rule politically, royally, media-wise, culturally, socially and economically. If people plug away, en masse, they will start to shit themselves. This is why so many crimes are covered up, and hidden, because there is paedophilia, sleaze, criminal corruption, nepotism, and protection of abusers in this insane country, and this insane world, ruled by the same power groups.
Originally Posted by misstaken View Post
I half want to take back the thank you I sent her yesterday, it was sent when she had just begun saying what I had personally asked her to do and change sometime ago, and of course many others have. But it just stinks, there is no way it will be a full enquiry, I mean frick its now 18months since an IPCC investigation that I initiated began and thats taking forever due to the amount of officers involved in being investigated (many not released to press yet) and officers and child services workers delaying interviews and other excuses,, though I do not fully trust the IPCC either, good thing I record everything myself.

So my point is, I know damn well a full enquiry or whatever they're calling it is no way in hell gonna "leave no stone unturned", in that short time.

But I won't take back the thank you because she has done what has been needed fora long time and now children will be protected more, anyone who covers up abuse will face prosecution too, and rape and abuse victims will be treated better and not blamed or ripped apart in court. So those changes are good things to take from it. I did ask to confirm if anyone failing to act on abuse will face charges, I await response.

Wept buckets watching it live, the relief of this finally happening. Corruption needs to end, only we can do it if we stand against it. Commenting and opinions are all well and good but action speaks volumes. Let's end it all
Originally Posted by misstaken View Post
No that's what I mean, what is happening now is finally about to change. Cover ups and corruption going on now is being exposed the world over, I'm in touch with other whistleblowers around the world doing this too. But on the subject of people who know about child abuse and who don't report it, or police and child services, teachers etc who don't act on reports made to them facing prosecution, thats amazing and will save many more children because these cowardly cunts who would previously have done so will have no reason to protect the cunts they're protecting and for once protect the child/children in danger, though I still highly doubt those complicite in abuse would come forward and report dangerous paedophiles theyre associated with which is why in my experience many many knew (have evidence of this and another DI forum poster posted on one of my threads about the others involved too, have printed that off for my barrister so thanks to them for backing up what I'd said on others involved too btw), but only I reported. Cowards will always protect their own ass
That's what I said here, I know this enquiry into the MPs and their activities is bullshit but my tears were tears of relief because some time ago I first contacted Theresa May about. Changing laws and legislation to make everyone face criminal charges who fails to report or act on child abuse reports, I more recently contacted two more MPs.
because of the coverups and battle I've personally had trying to protect many children it was an emotional moment. I just hope it wasn't all smoke and mirrors
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