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Originally Posted by positiveevitisop View Post
You're right that negative thoughts do interfere when trying to raise your vibrations, ie. meditate, but it's not as threatening as a fox is to a mother hens chicks. Overreacting to a negative thought will facilitate it. You're right thought, we each have to do what works for us, individually, in our present state.

:luv: Care to share the thread?
Totally agree..

Yay that in bold is, how we pray..Its a religion where all beliefs faiths and traditions are accepted so far do what you will just cause no harm loss, there is no crime if there is no victim and let the divine positive vibration judge self harm..err i think
We are united in the belief that to save humanity we must pool that positive energy and resonate at a higher more loving, compassionate, sharing caring vibration than the one we are on..or some thing like that OR..
Every thing is vibration and we seek to come together to learn how to generate good vibration for humanity..

Like the title of this thread, if we can answer that question we will have some of the universes mysteries solved.

The thread is called 'positive energy' in general chat..

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