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Originally Posted by cluas View Post
Thanks Ellis great docu

I saw it when it came out 'cos im a huge fan of Pentagram.

Well here's some more, i would call it "Psychedelic Rock" though. I started listening to Kyuss before any of those genres existed lol

Yeah I think it was that first Sleep Album/über-song came first, then Kyuss for me. Just happened to come across that documentary searching for a Nebula song to post.
I grew up not far from the California high-desert, though. Went to high school and rode skateboards with my friend Eddie Glass. Back then he was the drummer in a minutemen-inspired trio called Worked World which morphed into the Mudhoney-inspired band 'Olivelawn' (name of our local cemetery).
Olivelawn reunion show 2009 "ft. Eddie 'Riffs' Glass on Drums"
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