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Originally Posted by eustacekidd View Post
Just get a pipe and rob off people.
I suppose if you have nothing to loose robbing a bank is the way to go eh .

Aye great life, shit accomodation, shit food and no money
But you could have some great sex with all the homeless ladies .

No you are right it wouldnt be great or easy by along shot. It would take some good preparation and thought.

But many things could make you homeless and you shouldnt be affraid of it. Its bricks and mortor(house) where we can safely be from all the terrorists. And its your patch as long as you dont let your grass grow longer than 10 inches.

My point though is = that we get our carrot(our home/money) and there is always the stick in the back of your mind saying if "if you dont do this that or the other, you will loose it" "we give you it, and we can take it away from you". So, if you fear looseing your house so much you will jump however high they say. Where as if you dont, you will in away be saying to them "take my house away from me, my money and see if i give a shit".

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