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Originally Posted by theqleaner View Post

It ain't much fun..
In my mind its more of a life than the routine 9to5 job every day for the rest of your life though.

I see you live in NE England. There is no need to be homeless in this country
i am not. I am just thinking if i was though, how to get by ect. But not only that, there might be homeless people who read this thread and take something from it and perhaps share there experience too.

Any number of events could cause you to be homeless and if you had some ideas of how you might cope, it would only help your situation.

Where as if you dont man, your in the shit and pulling your teath out not knowing what to do............

I wouldnt mind though, and have seriously considered backpacking and seeing how i would get by, trying to get my own food/water ect.

I was driving home the other night and saw this man walking along the street, he was obviously homeless, painfully thin and dressed almost in rags. He looked old, but I think he was probably younger than he looked. Anyway, the car was at the traffic lights, so got out the car and gave him 20 quid. He was so happy that it made me teary on the way home.
Its a great thing you did there.

Now, I'm alright jack, and no, I don't help those cunts who watched me fall flat on my face. I'd rather spend the extra on Botox = me
lol yea you sure know who your freinds are when something like that happens. You should of smashed there windows hahaha.
But its right who needs fair weather freinds, no-one.

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