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I would like to add a little something on sun worshipping, in combination with the foundation of the unholy Christian church…

The official story is that Emperor Constantine (Emperor 306-337 AD) converted from Mithraism to Christianity on the eve of a battle in 312 AD. Constantine made Christianity the state religion.
It was under the orders of Constantine that the Bible was compiled and the Council of Nicaea officially recognised the New Testament as being written by God in 325 AD (almost 300 years after Jesus was crucified).

Constantine’s coins have been found. At least until 323 AD, they were inscribed with: “SOL INVICTO COMITI” (TO MY COMPANION THE INVINCIBLE SUN) and showed Sol (or Pan).

Mithras was a God born from a virgin mother who died on a cross at Easter. Mithraists were baptised and the sign of the cross was made on the foreheads of all converts. The Romans had festivities on 25 December for Sol invictus (invincible sun); some scolars claim that Mithras was the sun god born on 25 December, so this explains the church service on “Sunday”.
Mithras later was referred to by Roman worshippers as “Sol invictus”. The sun itself was considered to be "the eye of Mithras".

Emperor Nero adopted the radiating crown as the symbol of his sovereignty to show that he was an incarnation of Mithras.
The Romans erected several Mithraeums (houses of the invincible sun?).

Also interesting in this context is the Egyptian Osiris, who represents the “sun” (Isis was his wife – the moon). Osiris was – not evil, but - the prototype of a “good” halfgod.

The halo (sun?) for Osiris was not portrayed behind his head, but painted directly above his head.

The Christian cross (in celebration of the murder of Jesus) even looks like the Ankh symbol for Osiris.
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