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China: Local Justice For Dog Thief

A dog thief in Wenzhou City, China, was cornered by angry locals who gave him their version of justice until police arrived. The dog thief was beaten to an inch of his life and needed medical treatment before being removed from the site. The man had been supplying dog butchers in the area.

When locals stopped the man’s vehicle, he had dogs strung up on the back of his van and inside he had a crate full of captured dogs, including stolen pets.Look at the rear of the vehicle – see the two dogs strung up from the back window. The dogs appear to be alive because they are in different poses as the photos progress.


Look in the rear window of the van and you can see dog’s inside the van. Look at the dogs strung up at the rear of the van, they are in a different pose to the photo above, which means the dogs are probably strung up alive!

When the van was opened up, a crate of over-crammed dogs was found to be hidden inside the vehicle. Many of the dogs were stolen pets and still wearing their house collars.

Officials unloaded the crate of dogs from within the dog thief’s vehicle. Note the collar on the tan and white dog – he is someone’s stolen pet. Many of the dogs were wearing house collars.

Unloaded from within the dog thief’s van, the dogs will be relocated to a shelter. When more information becomes available we will post on it.

Thank you for reading,

Michele Brown.

Chinese Dog Killers Beaten by Villagers for NINE Hours

Two men who were caught stealing and killing the dogs in one Chinese village received a punishment they will likely never forget when the villagers sought vengeance and beat them for nine straight hours before tying the dogs’ bodies to them.

The brouhaha began around 7 am on Tuesday in Shaping village, Yizhang County, Hunan Province when a pair of thieves were caught in the act of hauling away dogs they killed for meat.

A horde of enraged villagers besieged them and began a brutal, nine-hour assault on the men. The mass of people then tied the two dead dogs butt-up around the thieves’ necks.

Police arrived on the scene at 4 pm to find people still attacking the men. They attempted to take the suspects to the station, but were abruptly stopped by villagers demanding 1 million Yuan ($160,000) in compensation or they would not release the men.

When their demand was not satisfied, the villagers attacked the police with metal rods and smashed the windshield on their car. They rolled rocks into the road and some even lay down under the police car to prevent the thieves from getting away.

Two Thieves Tortured By Angry Villagers

The police tried to convince them that mob justice was not the solution, but to no avail. It wasn’t until officials from Yizhang County and the Public Security Bureau arrived that the restless crowd began to calm down.

Several of the villagers were accused to illegal imprisonment, assault, and obstructing police business. The two thieves are now in police custody and being investigated.

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