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Default So much rainfall in the UK lately

I know this has been discussed at some length on here before. But why we getting so much, constant rainfall in the UK of late?. It's been going on more or less for over 10 years and seems to be getting more frequent, with heavy downpours and very persistent, almost from dust til dawn fain that never stops allowing for dryer and milder weather. The rain has been so frequent that lawns have become saturated; i walk through a local country park and much of the grass there has been heavily waterlogged with cycle and walking paths being flooded, where normally they should be bone dry. Yes we get lots of rain here, but to this extent?. There's something going on with the amount of rain we're getting, very abnormal imo. Not only the rain but the temp is very low for the time of year, most people are still walking around outside wrapped up as if it's November.

Go back years ago and you'll remember the weather very different to now. I remember in April 1999 (was the week Jill Dando was murdered) and it was almost scorching weather, not only hot but you could walk in your garden or through a field or a wood and the ground would be dry as a bone. All the fields near me are on the verge of being waterlogged because of the day after day of rain. Ive even got the heating on - in April lol.

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