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I wonder what everyone thinks of the discovery of soft tissue found inside a T Rex bone?. I wonder if there really could be a real Jurassic Park hiding somewhere in some remote part of the world. They keep saying that dinosaurs will never be resurrected yet then say it could be possible sometime in the future. Spielberg once said in an interview at the JP royal premiere in 93 that he seemed to beluve that one day in the distant future they could bring back dinosaurs. He deemed pretty confident at the time. I wonder who he's involved with.

I remember an episode of the Discovery channel series Jurassica (aka Paleoworld) where they discussed the amber hunting trade, and as the programme was about to finish, they showed a close up of a prehistoric bee encased in amber with what the narrator described as flesh from a dinosaur. To my knowledge, after this episode aired I don't think I heard anything further about this alleged finding. This ep was shown in the mid 1990s.

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