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Default Nottingham Crown Court 15th March 2011

On March 15, 2011, Kirk is set to appear at Nottingham Crown Court for sentencing for “production” of 43 plants of the Cannabis variety.
The facts, as things currently stand, are these:
Kirk’s strawman was found not guilty of intending to supply said vegetable matter.
He has been denied due process on a number of points as highlighted previously.
The Judge has consistently refused to answer the question of whether he was acting under his honourable oath of office, who the injured party is, what the elements of the ‘crime’ are and has denied Kirk access to admin assistance and forced him to conduct his defence from the dock.
Kirk has asserted on each occasion that he is not “ MR STRAWMAN” and has only entered the dock under duress and coercion.
He has an unrebutted Claim of Right with her Maj which the judge has refused to be allowed into evidence and refused to answer questions about.
It is already on record that Kirk has not consented to the trial and has waived any and all benefits offered by the Court.
We request, therefore, that as many of you as possible be in attendance on Tuesday to come and act as peaceful witnesses, independent media journalists, free thinkers and/or mavericks of all descriptions. As the Birkenhead episode shows, the more of us in attendance, the more positive energy we can generate.
Kirk’s determination to stand his ground is a fine example to us all, and we feel this merits a large turnout. After all, he who doesn’t claim his rights has none.
Further details to follow. Those of us in Snottingham, please note we will be meeting on Saturday, usual time, usual venue.

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