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She is watching this thread. I tweeted the link to this forum and immediately, Tila and her sockpuppets deleted the YT favorites that I used to link the accounts together.

I anticipated this, which is why I took screenshots before I posted the above thread.

I think the fact that the TilaArmyOfficial, Hulkdid911 and HugeCockNympho channels all simultaneously deleted the links that I included here, within an hour of my posting of this, should be enough evidence that she is indeed using all 3 accounts.

Very odd that an "Angel of God" and "reincarnation of Michael the Archangel" would create such vulgar YouTube accounts which they use to send death threats to people. I doubt Jesus would approve of such behavior.

Screenshots of evidence that was coincidentally deleted off three separate channels by 3 "different" people immediately after I tweeted a link to this forum on my twitter account that is being watched by Tila Tequila:

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