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Immediately after posting that video, Tila began sending people veiled death threats from her YouTube sockpuppet channels. Not really the behavior you'd expect from an angel of God.

This was sent to an online friend of mine. She believes that Tila is an Illuminati shill, and has chronicled her evidence on her YouTube channel. Tila PM'd her this message:

The video she sent is posted on one of Tila's sockpuppet channels, "HugeCockNympho":

As you can see, the video starts out normal enough but soon progresses into gunfire. This is not the first veiled threat that she has sent to her haters. Another video has since been deleted off Tila's main channel but is mirrored here: (UPDATE: Its back on Tila's Tila Army Official YT channel)
Tila posted it aside a listing of "Our Enemies" (YouTubers who have criticized or questioned her) In addition the gunfire, she explicitly states "I will fucking kill you."

The newest video on "HugeCockNympho" was then set as a featured video on the "Tila Army Official" channel. Tila realizes that she can have her YT suspended for sending veiled threats, so by uploading it to a sockpuppet and then featuring it on her main channel, she is only at risk of having the "HugeCockNympho" channel suspended.

If you want more proof that she is indeed "HugeCockNympho," compare the "favorites" on that channel with the favorites on "Tila Army Official"
You'll see both have "favorited" the same obscure french porn video.

Another sockpuppet that is using to leave threatening comments is "Hulk Hogan did 911"

Compare the videos on that channel to both Tila Army Official & Huge Cock Nympho. One of wrestler "Ancient Warrior" is featured on HugeCockNympho's channel. Favorited is the same "Blowjob Sex Party" video that is favorited on the Tila Army Official channel.

Tila has been awake for at least 4 days at this point, posting back to back blogs and videos. Besides the threats, she also blogged about how the Illuminati took down a fan's website devoted to Tila Tequila. Both Tila and the fan are aware that the reason behind the site's deletion was an abuse complaint sent to the hosting company, after the fan publicly posted the IP and email addresses of the site's visitors, which is a violation of TOS. This is something that Tila has done herself on her old blog and Twitter, both times resulting in a suspension. She also encouraged another fan to do the same, and his website was taken down due to abuse complaints. At this point, she is purposely violating TOS on every site she is on because it allows her to claim that the government and/or Illuminati is trying to silence her by deleting her web accounts.

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