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"Dear Higher Upper Shhhhhh!

Yes, ‘Tis I, Miss Tila. I know you have been following me for a while. I know you have been watching me very closely. I know you have done a lot to shush me up, but now is the time I call you out and we meet face to face. So how about it? If anything, you have the wrong people. If anything, I have all the right people you need, that you want, that you work oh so hard to get to. Yes. I have them at the tip of my fingers, all by my little self.

They won’t listen to you, however, they WILL listen to me. Now, if anything, you may want to re-think what you are doing and do this deal with me as I do have my MASSIVE TILA ARMY! Yes, I do, and I know you know that I do! I have a powerful voice, and I don’t hold back anything. We can either go to war with each other, even though you think you will win, however through the past decade, I have proven to you that no matter what you try to do to me, I still stand tall and am still here, with my “TILA ARMY” growing bigger everyday! Even my Corporations and Companies are growing more powerful and influential everyday, all by myself! hmmmm….

Now let’s get down to business shall we. This is not a letter to my fans nor my haters nor anyone else relevant to this blog nor pop culture. This is an open letter to.. AHEM.. YOU! Yes, YOU! I have known about you for quite some time now, and I do know who is with you. I have always been on the other side of “YOU AND YOUR TRAINED ONES” however, even with all that power you have and all of your trained ones, I still, all on my own, have my OWN POWER, and MY OWN TRAINED ONES. So how about it? Would you like to cut a deal? It would be very smart of you to do so as out of all of your “TRAINED ONES” I am the smartest of them all. The most outspoken of them all, with many faces and allure. Captivating and Enchanting people and luring them in is quite easy for me. I need no training in that area. However you spend a lot more time on your OWN “TRAINED ONES” to do what I was born to do NATURALLY.

So, I am writing this offer to you once and once only. I have more to say but we can discuss in private. You know how to find me, as I know you have been following me for quite some time now and have been setting me up with many “OBSTACLES” to which I surpassed them all. Sure you can just kill me off, but wouldn’t that be a little too obvious? Why am I writing this for all the public to see? well that is because I don’t care and they do not know what I speak of. However, i know YOU know what I am speaking of. So go ahead. Let’s cut a deal and meet half way. What I can do is a million times more powerful tha what your “TRAINED ONES” can do. Trust me. I know you have followed and watch my career very closely. You’re the only ones who KNOW, I know EXACTLY what I am doing.

Meet me halfway. I am here. How to find me? [email protected] – NDA and all that… No worries. DONE.


Miss Tila, The Greatest of All Time.

A Legend in the Making. Are you in or out?


This was her open letter to them? Hm. Well to me it all seems cray. Sigh. I'm disappointing. Because she seemed to have so much knowledge. And she does have some general knowledge of conspiracies. But .... just with all this stuff i'm seeing her posting, it reminds me of something who has multiple personality disorder.
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