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Default Tila Tequila: Demonic Audio Frequencies/Brainwash


Tila Tequila has come forward with a "message from God" that she, an angel, was chosen to deliver to the masses.

Here is the video that she posted tonight:

Up to 13:16 is a build-up to relax mental muscles before the full brainwashing sets in. You may want to skip to 13:16.

She is experimenting with audio frequencies and hypnosis techniques to brainwash her followers into doing her bidding.

13:19 is not the voice of God as she wants you to believe. It is clearly the voice of a demonic voice ordering "YIELD TO ME NOW" before repeating over and over "I WILL DARKEN YOUR SUN"

Tila's voice appears at different parts throughout the video, a low monotone commonly used with hypnosis.

In the comments for the video, she repeatedly states that the message was given to her, that the man speaking for the first half of the video gave her that message which can not be found anywhere else online...THAT IS A LIE. Google what he is saying, he is reading aloud from a translated German text "Visions of a 14 year old boy."

Every word, verbatim, is contained on this website (run through Google translate)

Tila Tequila may be a joke to most but she has young, impressionable fans who have fallen prey to her deception. Two years ago, she published an open letter to the Illuminati begging to join them. She bragged about how she could deliver them her followers, whom she called her "trained ones."

Did they take her up on her deal?

While she masquerades as a light worker, her recent blogs and videos have all been demonic. Earlier today, she posted a video threatening to kill her critics. A few days ago, she threatened litigation against anyone who criticizes her online. She has children believing that anyone who questions her is a "CIA drone bot;" these fans are expected to show unwavering loyalty lest they be labeled a shill and have their personal info published online (That is the REAL reason that her accounts keep getting taken down)

A few days ago, she posted a blog which led some people to believe that she was setting her followers up for a mass suicide reminiscent of Heaven's Gate. In addition to claims that she was Joan of Arc, Michael the Archangel and others, she stated that she has her galactic card and will be leaving this Earth soon to travel to the Kingdom of God and all 12 dimensions.

At first I thought that this was all a bid for attention, but each day she has proven to be more and more demonic, and each day more children sign on to her cause. She needs to be stopped. We may be smart enough to figure her out, but children are not and she is leading them down a very dangerous path.

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