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Default The Wisdom of the Heart

The Wisdom of the Heart
Brett Mitchell

Each disciple has within themselves a connection to Spirit.
The esotericism of today is but the dry letter of the Law until the heart is awakened and its inner purpose ascertained. Students today too often follow the words of the teaching, but forget its Spirit. Students follow the form and appearance of the esoteric life, but fail to find Life Itself.

Better to throw all the books away and listen to the Heart then to fail to hear the "still small voice." Better to cancel your conferences, shut down your societies, and close the doors of your buildings and offices than to neglect the Spirit within.

But, you say, you do not neglect the Heart and Spirit? Then show that this is so. Live, then, the life of discipleship. Serve without ego. Express the group life. Sacrifice the personal self. For when these things are done, then a whole new way of working appears.

Sacrifice the ego, and there is no fear for tomorrow. There is no failure, for there is no longer an ego there to fail. There is no sorrow, for there is no longer any feelings there to sorrow. There is no detachment, for there is no ego left to detach. There is no dispassion, for there is no emotional life to be dispassionate about. There is no discrimination, for the merely human, discriminating mind is lost sight of in the Wisdom of Spirit. True, there is still body, emotions, and mind for as long as we remain in this world to serve. But the inward attitude is totally different. Yes, we may still need to deal with our "stuff." We may still need to defend and protect ourselves against the insanity of the world we live in. Yet the energy of Spirit infuses the life, quickening it. Nothing remains of the personality life as it was formerly known, for its desires and feelings, its wisdom and its ignorance, its hopes and its fears are all drowned out in the Light of God. A candle may light a room, but the radiance of the sun outshines even a thousand tiny lights. Thus the Wisdom of the Heart transforms all the many limitations of the personality life.

Live in group consciousness, and there is no longer a leader. Or rather, Spirit leads, and all participants follow that lead. Live in group consciousness, and there are no longer any followers, for there is no leader for them to follow. There is coordinated action, nevertheless, for all participants follow Spirit unwaveringly. And what is told to one Heart is also told to all others, and thus the One Work is accomplished. Living in group consciousness, the unity of our work is known. A Power, a Presence, and a Purpose is sensed by all. There is no longer a sense of "I" acting, but rather a sense of "we" and of "us." The individual is transcended in the impersonal life. The group life is a living energy that we can connect up with and obtain help from at any time.

Through service, we grow. This is the Aquarian Path. Service, we are told, is "love in action." Yet this love cannot be human love, for when humans love it is but the energy of the ego and of the self. This love that acts in service must of necessity be Divine. When, then, Divine Love comes to us and inspires us to serve, then our whole life is filled with its radiance and its presence. Service is not performed by the personality. The personality cannot serve, for it is only of the lower nature; it is only ego in action. And egos in action are precisely the cause of the problems of the world. Rather, service is Divine Love in action in the outer world. That Love can say "no" to action as easily as it says "yes." That Love speaks only when it is called by the need of the moment. That Love works not "through" the personality but "past" it, for the Divine does not manifest through imperfection, but rather through the inner group life. Then the group is a distributor of the energies of God in the world, a group focal point for Divinity.

This sacrifice, group consciousness and service transforms the personal life. When the ego is sacrificed, then the little self steadily dims and fades away in the radiance of the group life. When the group life is known, then service becomes the order of the day, for we live only for the larger whole, the larger Life, and the greater Truth. Having identified with the group life and the larger whole, the limitations of self and the world are repulsed, and the dualities of form are transcended. The Light of Life may manifest. Then the apparently insurmountable problems of the personal life, and of living in the world, are solved, transcended, and forgotten.

Through all this will come the recognition that the Wisdom of the Heart is greater than anything that can be found in any book and any teaching. People will misunderstand and say that such a statement can only come from ego. But each disciple has within themselves a connection to Spirit, to Divinity and to Love. That connection is to the very Source from which all esoteric Wisdom arises. When that connection is awakened, then we find that we have all the Wisdom that we will ever need to have for the work that we are called to do.

When we connect up with that Divine Wisdom, then we may apprehend the Plan as it is today, and not the Plan as it was sixty years ago. We may apprehend the work of the Hierarchy as it is today, not as we knew it to be in the last century. We do not come (not immediately) into some revelation of the whole Plan, no, but we nevertheless know what we need to do to "play our part in the One Work" in the world today.

So if your books have not led to the Divine Wisdom within you, what good are your books? If your teachings have not awakened you to the group life and the Divine World, of what good are those teachings? Time has run short for humanity; the world is changing so rapidly we can no longer follow the leisurely paths of individual meditation and purification. Humanity is heading towards a cliff, and only those who are wise enough to hop off the bandwagon will avoid destruction. Holding on fast to anything "outer" in this time and age is to hold on to the material world and the limitations of self, however wise the books are and however exalted the teachings may be. For without the Heart, we are dead to the Divine World. We are closed to the spiritual consciousness. Our knowledge is only empty theory, not living practice.

Thus let us hold fast to the Wisdom of the Heart. Let us seek the Word of the Spirit within. There is, in truth, no other Path to Reality, to Truth, and to God.
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