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One of the major barriers to the new world order has always been that they would struggle to deploy the militaries of the west against their own people

This has led to some people speculating over the years that UN troops could be deployed in countries like the Us to police the population in a martial law type situation where FEMA declares a national emergency and suspends democracy

But now with the advancement of technology soldiers will be increasingly replaced by robots and autonomous drones which will have no qualms about shooting you in the street

They WILL shoot you dead and laws have been passed like the NDAA in the US which legally makes US soil part of the international battlefield which means that the military will be able to deploy its drones against the public

They will continue to cite external and manufactured threats like russia for example as an excuse to build this giant technological enforcement arm of the technocracy but ultimately its job will be to police YOU
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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