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Hang in there Gilad!

Hang in there Gilad. Your voice is so important because you are jewish. Because you are jewish you can say things that others cannot. Just by standing up and taking the flak you are exposing the existence of something because all that flak has to come from somewhere

I have criticised jewish power and its influence on my country but that does not mean that i am anti-jewish people. In fact i have often tried to put myself in the shoes of a jewish israeli of my own age and asked myself 'what would i do if i had been born in their situation?'

Had i been born an israeli i would be expected to do military service and would then be asked to bully palestineans. Did israelis of my age invade that land? No they were born into that situation. The israeli far right is criticised for grabbing more land and ensuring constant tensions with the palestineans. However i understand how politics work. i understand that if palestineans were entirely integrated into the israeli state and politically emancipated that they would demographically dominate the political scene. I understand that 'democracy' is about the rule of the majority and therefore demographics are all important

This means that israelis of my age are put in an impossible situation. if they become a bleeding heart liberal then they leave themself open to a demographic shift that could see them persecuted. On the other hand if they fight aggressively for jewish interests they become a bully.

We can see the same situation happening in south africa. The whites monopolised power in the fear that if they shared it they would come under attack. They went through 'peace and reconciliation' and where has that got them? It has led to black politicians calling openly for the shooting of boers. Many farmers are being murdered and the state is not opposing this. In fact the state has assisted it by outlawing the boer farmers militia leaving them unable to defend themselves. Did that generation of boers settle that land? No they were born into that situation

So i understand the fear, which is why you'll never hear me calling for the destruction of israel. However i also understand the injustice of the palestinean people losing their land and wish some sort of restitution for them

It has created what looks like an impossible situation. I have sympathies with both sides. But that does not mean that I am content to watch my own country being influenced by jewish power such as the rothschilds. The best outcome i can theorise is a two state solution that allows a contiguous state for both people but israeli expansionism is destroying that option. What is the other option? Unending conflict and what does that do for the soul of jewish people caught up in that?

Does identity politics spring from jewish intellectuals? Historically the jewish people have formed one of the most insular and culturally distinct groups around and i struggle to see any group more obsessed with their own identity than jewish people yet their role in communism and in the frankfurt school is historical fact

Once Again Anti Zionist Zionists manufacture 'quotes'... Gilad Atzmon

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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