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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Those behind this are group called the NWO (New World Order), also known as the cabal , the controllers , the Illuminati. They are mostly Jewish and wan't to bring chaos and destruction on the world as they desperately try to cling to power ...

So they first unjustly attack muslim countries to create a refugee crisis, and then guilty europeans feel the refugees should be allowed into their countries ...

It's only a few % of wealthy jews that are behind this , and they don't care if this causes problems for ordinary jews...


The video in post 1 is no longer available , so we'll never know what it was all about (never a good idea to just link to a video with no explanation) ..

We have it on good authority that one of the main reason for mid east invasions was for the cabal to take possession of ancient technology ... star-gates , inter-dimensional portals etc.

The orchestration is almost self protecting though, because in reality we have to stop the Muslims because they will kill us white folks "chop the head" unless we make salah and praise their stupid god.
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