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Originally Posted by sicknote View Post
Calorie restriction is one thing.

What that restriction is consisting of is probably of far more importance.

he fasted 2 days a week too.

I have been interested in this subject over 30 years now, obviously eating healthy and not over eating is obviously going to be healthy but my father was a health freak,interested in roy walford studies was very healthy did 50 mile bike rides a day up to a year before he died, but succumbed to cancer in 50s, still i guess he did live 10 years longer than they said he would as they gave him a year, he went downhill when he started radiation and 20 different drugs a day, my mother ate junk and is still alive, she looks very beautful and healthy as she is slim and well presented but she is not that healthy as she is on a lot of drugs and had heart surgery last year and also on thyroid meds.
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