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The Global Snitch society

I rewatched a truth stream media video clip today to review what they were discussing about what the globalist el-ites in davos are planning for the society of tomorrow and when i say the 'society of tomorrow' i don't mean something distant and beyond our lifetimes, i mean coming down the road by 2030 and 2050.

I'll post the clip below but the part this time that really got me thinking was towards the end of the clip as they review how the millennial generations have already been conditioned to live in those SMART citys of the future where no one owns anything as the millenials are priced out of home ownership and many don't own cars. They are used to having no privacy due to social media and living with their parents well into the twenties. They are used to paying for things with a chip eg with their debit or credit cards and even with their mobile phones. They have been conditioned to not say anything that will 'offend' anyone else and to require their own 'safe space' and they are more disconnected now from the land then ever before.

In the light of the current sex harrassment scandal that started in hollywood with harvey weinstein but which has bloomed outwards into a westminster scandal as well as a general demonisation of men the comment at the end of the clip about people rating each other to advance behaviours deemed good by the system thereby creating a global 'snitch society' suddenly seems to have a huge amount of validity.

I have posted on the forum in a few threads the episode of black mirror called 'nosedive' that depicts a future society (but not far removed form our own) where everyone rates each other throughout the day making everyone tack on fake smiles and bend over backwards to be glib and vacuously cheerful to each other.

As we learn about millenials in westminster who are often interns and 'researchers' helping MP's creating their own unofficial whatsapp messaging circulars to complain to their peers about sexual harrassment we are beginning to see the first seeds of the snitch society appear.

Celebrity Anne Robinson has described the younger generation as 'fragile' but lets imagine a generation that has been programmed to be 'politically correct' which is just itching to not only virtue signal their own compliancy with PC directives for example through social media but who is also itching to inform on and down-rate anyone they see as transgressing their PC code because that is evidently where we are heading at breakneck speed

here's the clip (check out also the 'nosedive' episode of black mirror on youtube but be warned it makes uncomfortable viewing!) but first consider this quote from karl marx (cousin of the rothschild monopoly-capitalist clan)

The Privacyless, Freedomless Smart City of 2030 the Elite Are Engineering
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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