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I was trying to find information on how AIDS-whistleblowers’ lives have been destroyed, but couldn’t find much…
Here’s a list of AIDS-whistleblowers that faced some problems. I will not describe what their different stances are on the cause of AIDS.

The most interesting story is about Professor Peter H. Duesberg.
In 1991, a government-appointed panel of scientists, decided not to renew Duesberg’s research grants. Before raising questions about the role of HIV in AIDS causation, Duesberg’s grant applications were never denied. Duesberg remains cut off from all NIH funding, and commutes to Germany to conduct his scientific work.

Dr. Kuritzkes demanded that denialists like Peter Duesberg be denied access to students and reported to authorities. WSJ reporter Marilyn Chase warned reporters not to unintentionally "exalt the position of denialists by making them seem like just some sort of independent intellectual contrarian whose views really should be heeded”.
On 13 May 2008, Semmelweis Society International (SSI) presented the Semmelweis "Clean Hands" Award to Professor Peter Duesberg and Investigative Journalist Celia Farber. Farber had interviewed Duesberg first in 1988:

The NIH barred Farber from further contact with their scientists and labelled her a "threat to public health". In May 2008, Richard Jefferys - of the “independent” AIDS Activist group TAG - led the campaign to antagonise the SSI over the Farber/Duesberg awards. Clark Barker was hired by the SSI to investigate if Duesberg and Farber deserved the award. Immediately some former SSI-members told Barker that Duesberg and Farber are liars and responsible for millions of deaths by AIDS in Africa and insisted that he would stop the investigation. When Barker wouldn’t listen; on June 19th they initiated a "spam attack" against him:

Bryan J. Ellison in 1994 described how the careers of 5 whistleblowers (including Duesberg) on AIDS were destroyed.

William R. Holub - After publishing an article in 1988 about AIDS, was blacklisted from work in both industrial biotechnology and academia. He lost his home, was forced into bankruptcy, and now supports his wife and children with a job handling toxic chemicals, supplemented by delivering newspapers.

Philip Artz Kees - Charges were brought against him in 1985 before the California Medical Board after he testified about the promiscuous administration of psychotropic drugs like haldol, prolixine and thorazine at Patton State Hospital. His medical license was suspended (revoked in 1992) throughout his 7 years of hearings, which led to bankruptcy.

Edward J. Wawszkiewicz – After publishing questions about the established AIDS thinking, was suddenly labelled "mentally ill" by the University in 1986, forced to stop teaching and with no salary and is now (1994) struggling to stay alive on food stamps.

Nathaniel S. Lehrman – Was critical of the official AIDS story since 1985. He was set up by his colleague, was persecuted for Medicaid fraud that this colleague had committed, lost his medical license. He was convicted in 1991 to 1-3 years in prison, $250,000 in "restitution" and a fine of $100,000 by a Health Department administrative judge: :

Dr. Etienne de Harven was censored in France for trying to expose the AIDS fraud:

Johan Van Dongen from the Netherlands discovered that Aids and Ebola were manmade. He lost his job at the University of Maastricht and his house:
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