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Default Multivitamins

Can it really be this simple? Nutritional supplements with multivitamins are not only an effective medicine against AIDS, but also for other diseases. Not unimportant: multivitamins have no major adverse side effects (although the effects of Vitamin A in HIV-positive pregnant women needs to be studied) and are cheap (just the other day I bought 360 days worth of multivitamin pills for a total cost of 8 euro, some 15 cents per week).
Multivitamins are known to have beneficial effects also on other diseases.

In the following 2 year study HIV-positive adults (without AIDS) were given multivitamins, selenium or placebo (so they didn’t get the AZT or ARV). With multivitamins only 8% progressed to worse health, while on selenium 12% and placebo 15% deteriorated.
Baum et al, Effect of Micronutrient Supplementation … Botswana (2013):

In this study 1078 HIV-positive pregnant women infected with HIV in Tanzania, were given either multivitamins, vitamin A or placebo. Multivitamins resulted in less progression to stage 4 of AIDS or death: multivitamins 67 of 271 (24.7%); multivitamins/vitamin A 70 of 268 (26.1%); vitamin A 79 of 272 (29.0%); placebo 83 of 267 (31.1%). Multivitamins also had positive effects on CD4 and CD8 cell counts (higher); viral loads (lower); oral and gastrointestinal manifestations, dysentery, fatigue, rash, and acute upper respiratory tract infections (reduced). The beneficial effects of multivitamins were still apparent after 4 years.
Fawzi et al, A trial multivitamin supplements and HIV … (2004):

In this study the efficacy of micronutrients (including vitamins) was tested in sick AIDS-victims that were poisoned with ARV. The death rate was significantly lower in the micronutrients group 8 (of 242) as compared to the placebo group 15 (of 239). There were less hospital admittances in the micronutrients group 16, while 20 in the placebo group. There were less minor adverse effects in the micronutrients group 64, 73 in the placebo group.
Jiamton et al, Micronutrient supplementation on mortality HIV-infected … Bangkok (2003):
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