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Default Climate Bogus Data Readings - Ice Cream Van Scotland

From the “I scream, you scream, we all scream for higher temperatures” department. Yesterday, Paul Homewood and I went on a collaborative search to find the weather station at Strathclyde Park which had it’s all-time Scottish high temperature record denied by the Met Office, to no avail. It just wasn’t easily visible. One of Paul’s readers went to the scene and took photos, but it isnit just the photos, it’s what he found out. Photo credits to Duncan McNeil. Read on.

The Met Office said:

“Unfortunately in this particular instance we have evidence that a stationary vehicle with its engine running was parked too close to the observing enclosure and the Stevenson screen housing the thermometers during the afternoon of 28th June,”

Turns out, it was an ice cream truck.

Here is what Duncan McNeil wrote after asking around at the scene, bolded sentence mine.

From: DMcNeil
Sent: 06 July 2018 22:14
To: paul homewood
Subject: Re: Strathclyde

Hi Paul,

Having read that they were blaming a car exhaust I revisited the park. I discovered that the weather station is split over two sites. The anemometer and wind direction indicators are on the roof. The stevenson screen is in the boat compound. I have attached two google screen shots showing the position of the Stevenson Screen as well as photos. The screen shot shows a large tent? close beside the Stevenson screen, but over the last couple of summers and without doubt in our extraordinary weather recently that position is taken up by an ice cream van which stays there all day with it’s engine running to keep the freezers working. The boat compound is in a continual state of flux depending on what events are being held in the park.

Thanks for all the work you put into your site,


So claims of “extreme heat due to global warming” have been shot down by the Good Humor Man. I found this photo of an ice cream truck in Strathclyde Country Park here:

It doesn’t get any more ridiculous than this for climate alarmists

This is why yearly site inspections for all weather stations that report to the climatic record are needed. Otherwise you end up with bogus data.

How many others like this exist that we don’t know about?
Danny Edwards
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