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Originally Posted by dannyuk View Post
Syrian air defenses respond to missiles over Homs province – state media


‘Syrian air defense systems have been activated in response to a missile attack apparently targeting Shayrat Airbase in Homs province, state media SANA reports.

Up to 10 missiles were destroyed by the Syrian Armed Forces, a military source told Sputnik. The Syrian air defenses managed to intercept some of the projectiles, according to a SANA reporter. Meanwhile, the Al Mayadeen news outlet is claiming that all the projectiles were intercepted and inflicted no physical damage or casualties at the targeted Syrian base.

The Pentagon has denied initiating strikes or conducting any other military activity in Homs province. “There is no US military activity in that area at this time,” the Pentagon’s spokesperson told Reuters. The same information was also shared with TASS news agency by Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon.

According to yet unconfirmed reports, the missiles entered Syrian airspace from Lebanon, which may indicate that the Israeli Air Force could have been involved, Al-Masdar News reports, citing a military source. The outlet’s reporter also published several videos allegedly showing the launch of interceptor missiles.’

Of course it’s Israel, the same force and same people are continuing to cause provocation in Syria that operate through the West now through Israel.

Genie Energy and resources in Golan Heights I’m sure is a driving factor...
Maybe Israel has proof of another Chemical Attack we don’t know about yet.

It’s ridiculous and anyone who can’t see the conflicts of interests between international Zionism, Genie Energy and Israel, there’s just no hope.
All the major controllers of Zionism, back and support the state of Israel and operate out of western nations, have a hand in Genie Energy.

Genie Energy being just a part a reason why these attacks are happening and geopolitical advancements are being made...
Syria airstrikes: Military action against Syria with UK and France
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