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When the british were in india they saw control over afghanisthan as part of their 'great game' with their rival russia

Afghanisthan was a neutral buffer zone between the two spheres of influence and the british wanted to control that but were given a bloody nose by the afghanis

The US wants to control that buffer zone and wants to put bio-weapons labs and nuclear weapons and anti-missile missiles in countries all around russia as part of a policy of encirclement

They have put missiles in romania for example and have fomented a coup in ukraine on russias doorstep whislt holding NATO military drills in poland

This is all a repeat of the cuban missle crisis where the americans (US) placed missiles in turkey so the russians started to move missiles to Cuba. This then led to a standoff in which the americans agreed to pull their missiles back from turkey

Now the americans are escalating things again with their missle defence sheild because what the creation of that means is that the US is preparing to be able to strike russia and then shoot down any response launched by russia

It is an act of aggression and many people in the US at all levels of society support it because the military industrial complex gets to make money out of producing harware and the US citizens lap up all of the zionist lies in the corporate media about the russians being the aggressors and needing to be tamed

This is all coming from the cabal who want the NWO which requires that all nation states are crushed and brought into the fold of the NWO. To this end they are looking to subjugate russia.

Here Putin warns the press that the delicate balance of power that has kept peace for so long is being deliberately dismantled by the americans in a frightening escalation that all points to a desire for a nuclear war that washington believes it can win

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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